West Dermatology Moats Skin Specialists- At a Glance

A dermatologist is a licensed medical doctor who specifically practices in diagnosing, treating, and preventing skin-related diseases. Dermatologists treat patients of all ages, including newborns to senior citizens. If you were to visit a dermatologist in his office on any day, you would likely see him:Learn more by visiting Dermatologist-West Dermatology Moats Skin Specialists

Many doctors choose to go on to become board-certified dermatologists. To become certified, dermatologists must meet a certain set of educational and clinical requirements. To meet these requirements, a dermatologist must complete a specific number of residencies; typically two to three. The Dermatology Practice Team, or DPST, is made up of ten dermatologists, along with a physician assistant, dentist, imaging specialist, pharmacy owner, physical therapist, nutritionist, and patient services representative. At the end of the second year of residency, the DPST undergoes a Board Certification Exam, where they earn a four-year dermatology license.

In order to obtain their dermatology license, however, dermatologists must first receive board certification. At the Board Certification Examination, they are required to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a series of written and oral exams, as well as a written and oral demonstration on their diagnosis, treatment, prevention, care of patients, and follow-up care. In order to obtain their license, a doctor must also complete a minimum of eight years of dedicated study in his or her chosen specialty. Dermatology is one of the fastest growing specialties, but like all specialties, there are a large number of potential candidates. For this reason, dermatologists need to take the time to carefully evaluate if they have what it takes to become a true dermatologist. When looking for a doctor, it’s important to make sure he or she has the skills to treat all skin types, and specializes in the skin disorders that affect us.