Understanding the facts about Fort Lauderdale Home Health Agencies

The services consist of intermittent visits from qualified professionals, usually professional-physical therapy, speech therapy or occupational therapy for nurses and/or rehabilitative therapy. Visits take place intermittently, usually initiated after a discharge from a hospital or nursing home, over a limited period of time lasting no more than a few weeks. In conjunction with qualified services, for a brief visit to provide in-home assistance with personal care, such as bathing, a home care assistant may visit once or twice a week.Do you want to learn more? Visit Smiling Heart Home Health Care Fort Lauderdale – Fort Lauderdale home health agencies

Under the following conditions, Medicare covers qualified home health care (commercial insurers usually adopt the same criteria): 1) The services must be prescribed by a physician; 2) They must be provided by a home health agency certified by Medicare; 3) The patient must be home-bound, a loosely defined requirement; Now, for consumers, the eligibility criteria and home health care insurance coverage have certain implications that are not always explained. First of all, there is rarely any role for the patient and family in choosing the agency they prefer. That decision, in conjunction with the hospital or nursing home, is in the hands of the doctor. Of course, if he or she has had previous experience with home health care, a patient may express a preference for a particular provider, but this is unusual in practise. Fortunately, through the Home Health Compare database, Medicare has started to make comparative information available on the internet. This can help to shift some control over time back to the consumer because it allows patients and families to obtain rapid information within the limited timeframe allowed by discharge planning. For consumers, the second implication is that the frequency of home visits and the duration of home health services are also largely beyond the control of patients and families. It is the home health agency that makes those determinations, governed by the orders of the physician and the eligibility requirements of Medicare.