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So, knowing now that you have to find a property bail bondman first how do you get the best price? We look at discounting as benefit vs risk, as mentioned previously as property bail bondsman. The way I can get my rate reduced is to take away the chance. How’re you doing that? When calculating risk, the most important thing for a property bail bondman is the co-signer. A bail bond is a three-party arrangement between the bail bondman, the defendant, and the bond co-signer (an person who agrees to be held civilly liable for the full amount of the bail should the defendant fail to appear at all their court dates), all of whom are parties to the contract. Simply put, find the right co-signer and you can start searching for prices in the range of 8%-4%. The larger the bail bond, the stronger the co-signer, the lower the amount, the bottom line.  Interested readers can find more information about them at Estate Planning Attorney-Marc Brown, P.A..
What is a strong co-signer, then? Well, a bail bond is simply a loan for the bond’s face value. But you have to remember that these are risky loans and the bail bondman needs a co-signer who they know they can 1-Easily find (Lifelong local resident, has financial or family commitments that will make it impossible to transfer like school age children and a mortgage) 2-If there is a forfeiture, the entire face value will be paid back in a reasonable period of time (has a high income and or extremely stable job, a government employee with a long work record)
What the bail bondsman needs is the warm fuzzy feeling that they can recover their loss in a short period of time even if the criminal runs out of the country. The warmer and fuzzier you feel, obviously, the more likely you are to be able to take less advantage, even if the liability of the bondman will remain the same. The advantage of payment schedules and time is not open to us. We have to pay 100 percent promptly or be shut down by the Department of Criminal Justice Services when the Stafford County Virginia court scheme says pay.