Teeth Whitening Consoles

Home teeth-whitening kits have become quite popular in recent years as they can offer an affordable solution for enhancing our appearance. Taking care of our appearance is one of the modern demands that most people take seriously – in varying degrees. A key feature of our appearance is our smile, as having healthy, white teeth can be a significant advantage in personal relations or career success.You may want to check out Teeth Whitening-Howard S. Glazer DDS for more.

Naturally, teeth get discolored and stained over time, especially when we engage in habits like smoking and coffee drinking – with the list of substances affecting the teeth being relatively extensive. Teeth-whitening kits can be a very effective and affordable way of restoring our smile, without the associated costs of an in-surgery whitening treatment.

Teeth-whitening at home is quite easy and can be done by anyone who can follow simple instructions. The results of the best teeth whitening kits are comparable to an in-surgery whitening treatment. They can greatly improve the appearance of the teeth and give us a confidence boost that goes hand in hand with a better perception of our self-image.

Home Teeth-Whitening Kits
Teeth-whitening at home is performed through the use of special home teeth-whitening kits. These kits emulate the process of the in-surgery process by following very similar steps. A kit will typically contain a whitening gel, mouth trays and detailed instructions. The whitening gel is used to fill the mouth trays, which are then placed over the teeth. The mouth trays essentially keep the gel into constant contact with the teeth.

Customizable mouth trays have a far better contact than generic mouth trays, thus increasing the whitening effectiveness and reducing possible irritations from the whitening gel touching the gums.

The whitening gel is usually based either on carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Safe levels, according to the FDA, are at 15% and 6% concentration respectively. Peroxide breaks down while in contact with the teeth and releases oxygen molecules that removes stains.

While the surface of the teeth may appear smooth, it is in fact quite porous. Staining substances, such as coffee and tea, find their way inside the pores, staining the teeth. The oxygen molecules of the whitening gel will break down these discoloring substances – restoring the whiteness of the teeth.

This process can be accelerated through the use of a laser light which can enhance the speed and effectiveness of the whitening gel, allowing it to release larger quantities of oxygen into the teeth. The best teeth-whitening kits on the market usually come with a safe concentration level of their active substance, customizable mouth trays and a laser light to speed up the process.

Causes for Teeth Discoloration
Teeth discoloration can be caused by a number of substances, such as colored drinks and foods. Some of these substances are: coffee, tea, red wine, certain fruit juices, berries, cherries, and beets.

The problem of discoloration can be worsened by negative habits such as the lack of meticulous brushing, smoking, alcohol drinking, and high levels of soda consumption. Antibiotics can also be a contributing factor to teeth discoloration.

Going for the Best Teeth Whitening Kits
Teeth-whitening kits can significantly vary from one another in their features. Users who would like to buy one of the best teeth-whitening kits should have the following in mind: The kit should be time-proven, known to work effectively and safely, and have multiple user testimonials in its favor.

The kit should be safe: While teeth whitening is a safe process, high peroxide concentration can cause irritation and sensitivity resulting in the discontinuation of the treatments for a period of time. High quality teeth-whitening kits follow FDA safety standards which do not exceed concentration levels of 15% for carbamide peroxide and 6% for hydrogen peroxide. More is not always better.

The kit should be effective, providing more than 10 shades whiter teeth. There are a large number of whitening products that only provide a whitening effect of a few shades whiter teeth, which can be easily lost within a couple of weeks.