State Laws and Religious Exemptions- Info

One of the strange things about religions is that not one of them is required to prove their claims. They promote things like heaven and hell along with the existence of the devil, angels, saints and so forth, and yet not one of these things is credible. They condemn and threaten, terrorize and murder, and yet they come out gleaming in the eyes of governments who use them to control the masses. They discriminate in horrendous fashion and women mainly wear the brunt of it. They amass fortunes and yet unlike other businesses they pay no taxes.Interested readers can find more information about them at

There is gross imbalance in man’s laws and the way thy judge crimes against humanity are corrupt and outrageous. Entire countries are at war with their citizens as governments use religion to oppose common sense issues. While the world struggles with overpopulation they not only promote more babies but some governments, like that in Australia, pay parents to have them. Gay marriage is another of the anomalies. Because marriage is religious based homosexuals cannot have the same rights are other couples under the law.

Where do the religious laws come from? That is a question resolved when I took a look back to the roots of religion and found they were delivered by men who read the signs of the sun. The different symbols created in sun worship tell an interesting tale. It was called Mari or Mary and it means ‘mother’s powerful eye’. It gained strength in Babylon where the religion was called Zorro Aster or ‘Morning star’. It was given the insignia of the five-pointed star which hangs over the nations and is prominently displayed on the flag of Islam and on the generals of armies.

The other insignia is the seven-pointed star for the seven colors of the rainbow. This is seen when light disperses, such as through the mist of the atmosphere where it is called the ‘rainbow serpent’. It is also seen through an aperture when the rays disperse into the perpetually moving circles central to which is the right-angled cross. This same effect is created when light reflects off gold or diamonds and is the reason they are so valuable. This symbol sits over law enforcement bodies universally.

Men died on crosses to ‘marry’ Mary, the origin of the word and the ritual. They died at dawn so that their spirits would rise with ‘her’ and they could then reign in heaven as ‘father god’. This is where the idea arose that men are made in the image of God.

Participants consumed the body and blood of the deceased so that his spirit would go into them and this is the idea upheld in Christian masses. Religions are born of Babylon and sun worship and the things taught by them are nothing more than dreams of the ancients.