Source To Know All About Painting Your Stucco

It is recommended that after any physical repairs have been made to auccaults, painting them should be considered. Typically, if the repair is small, a coat of primer and paint will suffice. However, even a very thick nap roller may not reach all the deep areas with such a heavy texture. If so, the only logical alternative is to apply paint to the stucco by using a brush or roller. After repairing all visible defects, patch any damaged areas with special painter’s tape that contains an attached roll out plastic drop cover.Do you want to learn more? Visit

After all loose repairs are complete, you can then paint the stucco to make it look as if new. You can start by painting the largest area in a row, then moving in smaller areas until you get the desired result. The best way to achieve a uniform color across the exterior surfaces is to apply one-third as much paint over each square compared to the size of the square. In addition to painting, you may also choose to seal the surface with quality exterior paint by sanding away any excess coating. In order to keep the paint moist, you should let it dry between coats rather than use regular paint that will dry out.

After any painting is complete, you should allow the finish time to dry before staining or applying decorative finishes to the exterior surfaces. For the finishing process to last, you should let the finish dry thoroughly between coats before staining. You should plan on using one coat to seal and protect the existing stucco rather than staining, especially when sealing a fresh coat to an already completed wall. After you seal and protect the existing stucco, you can then proceed with staining the exterior surfaces.