Overcome Your Fear Of Switching Web Hosts

To help even the least intrepid website owner get over their needless fear of switching to another web host or web hosting kit, this is intended to be a hold-your-hand guide, why you need to use cloud technology.

It is necessary to remember that you could be missing out on better offers, more uptime and superior back-up and help by sticking to your old web host. All that translates into more sales, and that is why you have a website, after all. Surveys conducted among website owners show that website owners pay up to ten times more than they would for a cheaper and better web host for their current web host, just because they fear the process of moving over. They assume that it would be difficult to change web hosts, have direct cost effects and could even lead to the loss or at least the corruption of their website or group of sites. This article aims to help you get over your misplaced fears.

If you started on the internet as a website owner by going to a popular web hosting brand name and you’ve stuck with it because you assume that if they’re big and well-known, they ought to give you value for money, then you should reconsider. The odds are that, without actually having the reciprocal service, you pay a premium for the name. Don’t pick your host because you feel happy with the name, or because you think it’s a good deal. Instead, look at what you get and compare the deals from other web hosting businesses. There’s a thumb rule here. With all the bells and whistles, for under $10 a month, you can easily find sufficient room for your site requirements, not taking into account handsome discounts for paying quarterly or annually. The free domain name carrot that web hosts love to dangle is another point to look at. As you will discover later in this post, this is not so important.

Notwithstanding the rule-of-thumb, now that we have developed that you should look at the advantages rather than the brand name or the bottom line cost, let us run through the points you need to check out when investigating alternative hosting companies and their packages.