Orange County Tiles Consoles

The bathroom is an area in your house where luxury and extravagance in the finest materials can build a magnificent haven. This is among the reasons why tiling is also considered as an art. Though there are learning curves for modern tiling practices and techniques, a typical individual can put down tiles if he knows how to do so and more significantly, if he knows what bathroom tile to buy. Get the facts about Orange County Tiles – Mosaic Tile

But before you buy bathroom tiles, there are few things that need to be done to be able to get the right size, number and type of tiles to be used.

A. Know your Criteria

1. Measure the place where tile will be laid. Be able to find out how many square feet of tile is needed before purchasing.

2. Choose a tile color that matches the theme of the bathroom. Tiles are available in a wide range of color. There are people who like to use white bathroom tile because it provides a clean and bright look. Some wants a mosaic design or a splash of color in their tiles to spice up their restroom. Before you select your tiles, be sure first that its color will create and match the effect that you want.

3. With a graph paper, plan a tile pattern. You also need to decide if you will utilize multiple types of tiles or only one tile type.

4. Find out the size of the tiles. You may find it a bit difficult to decide since bathroom tiles are available in various sizes. Remember that in tiling, size matters. Laying larger tiles consumes less time than putting down smaller tiles. It is because small tiles need more precision. However, many people think that smaller tiles are more elegant.

It is advisable to buy additional tiles so you have replacement when some tiles become damaged, broken or cut incorrectly. To save time and to keep up a color theme all through your house, you can use in your kitchen the same tile that you put in your bathroom.

B. Shopping for Bathroom Tiles

A reputable tile store is one of the great places where you can buy bathroom tiles. However, this is not at all times the place where you can get them. Sometimes, the tiles offered at a tile store are a bit pricey than the ones available online or at a hardware store. Here are some tips in shopping for the right tiles for your bathroom.

1. Look for a store that sells bathroom tiles. You can go to a tile specialty store, home improvement centers or online tile stores.

2. Take a visit to the store that you chose. Bring the criteria that you’ve made, together with the pattern and the measurements. If you want to match a particular tile color in your bathroom, then bring a color swatch and compare it to the tiles available in the store.

3. Select the tiles that suit the criteria that you’ve made. Arrange several tiles in a line to be able to see how they will appear on a bigger scale.

4. If they will spice up your design, then choose accent tiles. To determine its effect, put the accent tile of your choice beside the sample of the main tiles that you picked.

5. Compare the price. The prices of the bathroom tiles usually vary by location and dealer. So before buying tiles, visit other tile stores and compare the prices of the tiles.

6. Buy the bathroom tile.

After buying the bathroom tiles that will suit the design you have in mind, start gathering all the equipments that you will need in laying out the tiles.