Leesburg Reflexology -Brief Notes

Reflexology is an ancient and natural healing method dating back to the Egyptian and Oriental cultures for at least 5,000 years. Some call it an Acupuncture family because practitioners of both methods are guided by particular points and target areas. Acupuncture, however, involves the use of fine needles that are applied to the whole body, while reflexology does not use needles and focuses on the feet. Reflexology on the hands and ears may also be done. Checkout Leesburg reflexology.

Foot is considered by the science of reflexology to be mini-maps of the human body, with each organ, gland, and part of the body connected to the corresponding region of reflex or point in the foot. Reflexology speeds relaxation of the corresponding part of the body by hitting a certain region or point.

To promote healing for specific injuries, a reflexologist may focus on various parts of the feet, but it is beneficial to work on all areas to bring the whole body into alignment. The following are some examples of how reflexology aids in healing or simply alleviating specific pain or discomfort:

Condition: Menstrual cramps The area(s) of the foot to be operated on by a reflexologist: Ankle Top of the Foot Inner Heel

The region of the body corresponding to these points in the foot: reproductive organs

Condition: Back, Tension of Shoulder & Neck

The foot area(s) a reflexologist will focus on: the inside edge of the foot

The area of the body corresponding to these points in the foot: the spine:

Condition: Digestive Problems Area(s) of the foot that a reflexologist would focus on: Arch Core

Corresponding area of the body to these points in the foot: Large and Small Intestines Reflexology has a remarkable ability to alleviate tension accumulation by helping the body self-regulate and stabilise itself. In addition to the clear findings reported-relief from migraines, constipation, symptoms of colds/flu, pain in the back/neck, digestive problems-Reflexology provides an overall relaxation that tends to surround the body, enabling the body and mind to decompress and release the flood of energy. As a result, greater stamina and energy, increased efficiency and imagination, and emotional balance are experienced by the body. Major results are often documented by clients with chronic issues such as allergies, chemical addictions, and weight loss problems.