Five Ways to Wear a Jacket in Leather

The leather jacket has been popular in many ways, from movies to music, and designers have always been giving it makeovers to bring out a fresh version of the leather jacket every season.Do you want to learn more? see post

But if not properly styled, men’s leather jackets have every chance of becoming a fashion faux pas. Given the various forms of these types, it is simple to get confused. For the right look, here is a comprehensive guide on how to pick the right leather jacket.

The Contemporary Look: The new trend in leather jackets for men is distinguished by embroidery, studs and intricate features. The applique on the back of the jacket is the most important of all these features, the softness and femininity of the style contrasting the ruggedness of the leather. Since the jacket itself is full of prints and patterns, keep it neutral and plain for the rest of your wardrobe. Like a statement item, let the jacket stand out.

The Biker Look: The perfecto-asymmetrical, lancer-frontal is called the biker jacket. In addition to the front pockets and shoulder lapels, the biker jacket is distinguished by metal zips, buttons and press studs. Go for an all-black outfit—ripped jeans and a black tee—and a pair of biker boots to intensify the theme.

Office Look: Heck, you may as well wear a leather jacket to work. The trick is to use a subtle color such as tan or brown instead of polished black when going for an office-appropriate look, and avoid embellishments such as patterns, prints, studs. The zippers, belts, buckles should be discreet and not stand out, and they should fit easily into all pockets and collars. In order to achieve this look, it can seem like a lot of effort, but once you get it right, it is super chic.

The Sports Luxe Look: It’s not very difficult to master the luxe look in sports. Wearing a leather jacket with a pair of running pants and a hoodie would be the easiest way to do this. The sweatshirt should be slim-fit and cuffed to the wrists so that the leather jacket does not add to the bulk underneath. You can accessorize this all-black look with a leather men’s bag and give your feet a neat look with a pair of low-top sneakers.

The Chic Look: Choose the spread collar leather jacket for a sophisticated look while dressing for day to night. Make sure the jacket looks like a tailored jacket and suits you to the skin. The jacket should ideally be made of finely textured leather for evening wear or a formal look, with the collar making it perfect for formal occasions. Fit with a button down shirt and a pair of black denims or trousers. Keep the color palette dark.