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A dentist, also called a dental hygienist, is a professional who specializes on dentistry, mainly the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and care of dental conditions and diseases of the teeth. The main duties of a dentist are diagnosis of the dental problem, preparation of a treatment plan, implementation of that plan, care of the tooth or teeth concerned, and follow up care. A dentist may perform all these duties by himself or may have a dental hygienist as part of his staff. Dental hygienists assist dentists in taking x-rays and in preparing teeth casts and supporting oral hygiene practices. Checkout Asha Dental.

The importance of a dentist has increased, particularly with the increase in the population of elderly people, who often suffer from poor dental health. Many people suffer from cavities, gum disease, and bad teeth. A dentist not only determines the cause of these diseases, but also tries to treat the condition. In many people, especially children, problems with oral hygiene and oral cavity develop later in life, at an age when they are already facing many other problems. For this reason, dentists play an important role in the education of children about their oral health and encourage children to have regular dental checkups.

Today, there are many ways to prevent tooth decay and bad breath. Dentists provide a range of prevention and treatment methods, including toothpaste that contains fluoride, mouthwash that contains chlorine dioxide, teeth whitening techniques, and laser for tooth whitening. Some dentists perform surgeries, such as extraction and tooth implant surgeries, that can correct many problems related to missing teeth and tooth decay. Procedures such as these can be covered by insurance.