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Early on, I saw that lawyers who do a good job and have a solid reputation devote roughly 25% of their time to professional activity. You not only receive access to the greatest CLE (continuing legal education) programmes, but you also learn a lot from the finest in your field of practise. If your bar association has a Young Lawyers Division, join it as well. In that regard, I was quite active, particularly during the first seven years of my career. More tips here Scott C. Nolan

It’s also a lot of fun and a nice vacation from the day-to-day stresses of running a business. It serves as both a social release and a valuable learning experience. Senior lawyers who appreciate what they do are likely to appreciate teaching young lawyers how to do it as well. You’ll meet some excellent mentors.

The last piece of advice I have for you is to have fun with what you’re doing. Accepting every form of case and every kind of client is a great way to succumb to the financial strain of starting a practise. Personally, I believe it is preferable to take a revenue hit rather than take on matters when the client or the labour involved in representing that client is unpleasant. If you decide not to take a case, be sure you can send the client to another criminal lawyer that you respect and trust. Requesting or accepting a referral money is not a good idea. He or she will be grateful for the referral, and you will be building a referral network that can lead to new business.

Fourth, if a case typically requires 10 hours of preparation time, allocate 20 hours. (This is something I still do after 20 years of practise.) When you know the facts off by heart, are well-versed in the relevant case law, and can stand on your feet and answer the judge’s queries without looking down, you make a good impression.