New Year’s Skin, Hair, and Nail Care Advice

We sometimes find ourselves in the depths of winter after the decorations have been put away, the party season has come to an end, and the New Year has arrived, only to realise we’ve ignored our health during the past few months. Biochemical abnormalities in your body can be reflected in your skin, hair, and nails. Do you want to learn more? Visit recommended article

Taking Nutr ilite Biotin C Plus* is an excellent approach to maintain a healthy vitamin balance and look your best. Nutrilite has some additional helpful hints for kicking off the New Year with a bang:
• Stay Cool – As enticing as a hot bath on a cold night may seem, it is simply not good for your skin. A hot bath or shower can cause the lipid barriers in your skin to break down, causing moisture loss and making your skin dry and prone to cracking. Instead, use a warm temperature and moisturise immediately after bathing, while your skin is still moist, to help trap some of the water.
• Eat a Healthy Diet – You’ve probably heard it before, but fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as entire grains, are essential for good health. Furthermore, increasing water consumption allows the kidneys to remove toxins from the body, resulting in healthier skin, hair, and nails. Alternatively, taking supplements can help you acquire the nutrients your body need; consider Nutrilite Concentrated Fruit and Vegetables* if you don’t have time to eat healthily.
• Stop stressing and start sweating! – Cortisol is a stress hormone released by the body. Cortisol excess can lead to greasy skin and other skin disorders. Even if you don’t feel like it, try to get some light to moderate activity in a few days a week.
• Increase your zinc intake – a deficiency of zinc can cause hair loss and a flaky, dry scalp. Zinc aids in body regeneration, increases immunity, and combats adult acne. Nutrilite Zinc Mineral Sticks* are a convenient way to get your daily dose of zinc.
• Stay dry – keep your feet and hands dry, use 100% cotton socks for absorption, and air out your shoes after being outside. Your nails may become infected if you go around with moist feet. When you leave the house with damp hair, it is more likely to be damaged and discoloured since it is exposed to the weather. When styling your hair, utilise a low heat setting rather than blasting it on the highest level.
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