Know About Economic Development and Globalization

Do you wish to learn the difficulties and opportunities posed by internationalisation for developing nations? If so, this course is just for you.The MSc in International Economics and Business is re-designing its name.  To learn more about this  find out here

The MSc in International Economics and Business combines theoretical learning with extensive research-based project work. Students gain a solid background in economics, business, finance and national economy. The core concepts are taught via modules that last for one year. The first year focuses on broad topics such as economic development, globalization and integration. During this period, students develop an in-depth understanding of international trade and develop an awareness of global socio-economic issues.

The second year delves deeper into topics dealing with micro and macro economic development. It seeks to understand how economic developments affect domestic policies, financial institutions, public policies and private choices. The focus on this area is to develop inter-nationally and intra-nationally comparisons of development. Finally, after the completion of the first year, students will need to examine the impact of international trade, technology diffusion and changes in the law of developed economy. The last two years of study will be dedicated to building a platform on which comprehensive examinations can be done, covering topics such as comparative development strategies, macroeconomic analysis and micro economic indicators.