The Facts About Drunk Driving

According to figures from the year 2000, over thirty percent of all drivers on the road will be involved in a drunk driving accident. If you are the driver of a car, a passenger in a vehicle driven by a drunk driver, or an innocent driver on the road, drunk driving puts all vehicle operators in danger.

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The startling statistics begin with the fact that driving under the influence of alcohol is directly linked to over 40% of all road deaths. So far in the year 2001, it has been recorded that someone is killed in the United States every 45 seconds as a result of driving under the influence. In the year 2000, over a quarter-million people died as a result of reckless actions such as driving drunk or being struck by someone who was under the influence.

These figures do not include those who have been seriously injured in a drunk driving accident but have recovered. Some people have lost limbs, had third-degree burns on their skin, or have lost some or all of their mobility.

Unfortunately, many of these events happen on weekends, when people are usually not working and enjoying their leisure time. Holidays are also a time when there is a noticeable rise in injuries and fatalities caused by driving while inebriated. This is directly related to the fact that during holiday weeks or weekends, there are more drivers on the lane. In addition, holidays have long been synonymous with revelry, frequently involving the consumption of beer, liquor, and/or wine.