Divorce Rebuilders: Overcoming Obstacles and Making Powerful Personal Comparisons

Describing the divorce support service offered by Divorce Rebuilders in Denver Colorado as a therapy is an understatement. I have seen it first hand at the Divorce Rebuilders facility in Denver CO, where thousands of men and women come for counseling after their divorce has been finalized. Divorce Rebuilders is the only organization of its kind in the Denver area that serves all types of divorced and separated people seeking help. As one would expect with a group of this size and scope, there are many aspects of the program that require attention to detail, but the one aspect that requires the most focus is the client intake forms. see here
In an effort to be proactive about this growing problem, Divorce Rebuilders decided to put together a flow chart of the most common questions that clients commonly ask when visiting their organization. This flow chart has gone so far as to include information on what type of information they can expect from their therapists to answer their questions pertaining to the mental, emotional and social factors that played a significant role in the divorce and the resulting actions taken. This information has allowed the Divorce Rebuilders team to craft an approach that is uniquely geared to address the needs of the clientele. The biggest step in the improvement of the program has been the inclusion of a 10-week divorce support program that allows clients to complete their work on their own time and still receive the guidance and counseling that are so critical to their recovery.
If you or someone you know is having problems dealing with a loved one’s divorce, then take time to review the information provided here. Divorce Rebuilders provides a great environment for working through issues. The strength and power of the group are unmatched in my opinion, but the one-on-one consulting is outstanding as well. Divorce Rebuilders’ unique, gentle approach allows clients to have the one-on-one consultation that is so critical to their healing. For a relatively small fee, Divorce Rebuilders makes an enormous difference in the lives of its clients.