Bail Bonds in Chatham VA-Everything You Need to Know

There will still be a need for prisons and jails before society reaches the point where no crimes are committed. Prepare yourself for disappointment, because in the near future, it will not happen at any time. From domestic conflicts to violent crimes, people are prosecuted for everything.Learn more by visiting bail bonds in Chatham VA

The bail bondman is there to help certain individuals get out of prison and have the chance to keep leading their lives while awaiting trial. You will be one step closer to freedom until you know the protocol of using a bail bond agency or bail bond officers.

If you’re on the wrong end of the long arm of the rule, so it’s nice to know what’s going to happen. As you may have guessed, the very first thing is that you’re going to be arrested and booked for whatever crime has supposedly occurred.

Just note that, unless proven guilty, you are innocent. The second stage is the setting of the bail bond by a judge. A bail bond is how much money it would take to get you out of prison before the hearing.

You have two choices once the bail bond is set. Option A is to pay out of pocket for the whole bond. The best thing about this choice is that you can pay no fees and you can get your money back until you turn up in court.

Option B is to contact a county bail bond agent who is going to pay you the bond, or rather promise you the bond. A 10 percent charge of the total bond amount would have to be charged by you. The downside to this choice is the non-refundability of the fee.

The next item on the agenda includes the release of the bail bondsman. It is also important to note that your release from prison was the responsibility of someone else. You must turn up to court or a bail enforcement agent, better known as a bounty hunter, will have you tracked down. That is one case that you want to stop.

You will either get a hearing after you have turned up to court or you will have to pay a fine, which will be decided by a jury or a judge, respectively. The best case scenario is that this never happens because you held on and obeyed the rule on the straight and narrow road. If you find yourself in a precarious situation, then for quite a while, or at least before you appear in court, a bail bondman will be your best friend.