About Austin Funeral Home

A funeral home, funeral parlor, mortuary or cemetery, is a company that offers funeral and burial services for the dead. These services can consist of the provision of a funeral service at the funeral home or a funeral chapel, and a final resting place for the deceased. It is also the location where the bodies are prepared after death, through caskets, cremation, etc. Other services may also be offered such as the preparation of memorials and funeral programs. Interested readers can find more information about them at Austin Funeral Home.

The casket that is used in a funeral service is usually made by a funeral home or a funeral parlor. After the bodies are found and identified, the funeral home or the funeral parlor then takes over from here, preparing the casket and placing it in the ground. Cremation can then take place at the funeral home or the mortuary. The remains of the deceased are then prepared by the clergy and friends and family for a viewing prior to the cremation.

The remains are generally not recovered until many months following the death. In many cases, the remains are never recovered due to the fact that most autopsies are performed months after the death. There are also several instances where remains are recovered but are not identified. Where this occurs, the remains are then cremated to remove any possibility of identity theft.