What You Don’t Know About San Diego ERISA Benefits Attorney

Recent events such as the Enron disaster have left previously unconcerned staff worried, and if they do not receive satisfactory responses, they have now started asking questions about their benefit plans and filing lawsuits. Trustees and businesses are often dragged to court over actions stemming from their employee benefit plans. A well-thought-out benefit plan for employees has thus become an important instrument for recruiting and retention.I strongly suggest you visit San Diego ERISA Benefits Attorney to learn more about this.

To assist you in a particular situation, it is becoming increasingly necessary to find an advisor with the right background and expertise. It is of utmost importance that you find an advisor who is concerned about you and who is keen on solving your problem professionally.

Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) or employee benefit lawyers offer a great service to limit the responsibility of sponsors of the plan and help protect employees. In any area of merger, acquisition or divestiture, an employee benefits attorney should be involved. Furthermore the involvement of such an attorney should be welcomed whenever a firm enacts an employee benefit plan. If a business excludes attorney review in the execution of its employee benefit plan, it is wise to seek counsel and review those documents and procedures of the plan. All aspects of any fiduciary decision that could affect plan qualification should be reviewed by an experienced ERISA attorney.

For current qualified retirement plan issues, such as merging an existing Money Purchase Plan with an existing 401k Plan, providing participants with investment advice, and withdrawal liability from multi-employer pension plans, such lawyers should also be retained. Current welfare benefit plan issues such as understanding ERISA compliance for businesses with a third-party insurance agent or administrator, COBRA problems, and fiduciary insurance and bond review should also be consulted.