What Is a Probate Attorney and Why Do I Need One?

If you are in need of a probate attorney, there are many qualified professionals that are available to assist you. Any lawyer can say that they specialize in this type of law, but only certified probate lawyers can honestly say that they handle every single probate matter in the court system. They do not defend criminal cases or negotiate compensation claims. Probate lawyers only resolve probate matters and settle civil cases.Learn more by visiting Phoenix Probate Attorney

A probate lawyer represents you in all matters of estate planning and distribution including wills, estates, trusts, and gift certificates. He is also responsible for drafting the financial statement of a minor, arranging for property distribution, performing record keeping on estates, preparing and executing trust instruments, and advising the trustee on various strategies to distribute wealth and assets. These are just some of the services that an estate planning attorney might offer their clients. Some attorneys also deal with settling probate claims and dealing with outstanding creditors and collectible items.

You will not be able to decide the fate of your assets without a Probate Attorney’s expertise and guidance. This is why it is essential to have an experienced professional representing your interests whenever you decide to transfer your assets to someone else such as a spouse or a beneficiary. No one wants to leave something so large and valuable to an unprofessional and unprepared representative which is why you need a qualified individual representing your best interests in your most trying times.