What Are Orthotics?

Many individuals suffer excessively from foot discomfort when the comfort of orthotics may help them. Not everybody feels they need orthotics, but with custom orthotics, many of the forms of foot pain people encounter can be alleviated.Orthotics are custom foot aids, in nature. Specifically designed for the particular needs of your foot, they suit far better than ‘generic’ orthotics that can be purchased from a shop. If you wish to learn more about this, visit Orthotics.

To provide a cushion effect and provide shock absorption, standard insoles are made. Initially, they can feel relaxed, but this wears off quickly. They are not meant to correct over-pronation, which is a disorder involving lowered arches and rolling the feet and ankles inwards. However, personalised orthotics are designed to correct and optimise the function of the foot. Standard insoles may also provide arch support, but they appear to be often made of soft materials, so the support they offer is often too fragile to be of any advantage.

Typically, people who suffer from arch pain or heel pain find that orthotics are a good option for them. Heel pain (called Plantar Fasciitis) can be incredibly painful, and by properly supporting the arch, personalised orthotics can help alleviate this pain. More than 70% of individuals encounter ‘over-pronation,’ which is often referred to as flat feet or dropped arches. This can lead to foot pain, but also to pain in other areas of the body, such as the back and hips.

Furthermore, orthotics can serve as a preventive measure. Our arches will begin to collapse as we age. The effects of falling arches and the pain associated with it can be minimised with the use of orthotics. Regardless of how high the arch is now when you grow older, it will fall. Orthotics can play an important role as nature takes its course in preserving the arch.

Depending on wear and tear, most personalised orthotics will last 2-5 years. If your feet are still developing or if you have any foot surgery that will change the shape of your foot, they may need to be replaced.