What Are Marijuana Dispensaries?

A cannabis shop, marijuana dispensary, or medical marijuana dispensary is a place where marijuana is legally sold for medical or recreational use. In the Netherlands it is known as coffeeshop. In the United States, they now exist as an alternative outlet for medical and recreational use. A dispensary often serves food and beverages in addition to selling the drug. However, some stores are only closed during the day to avoid dealing with possible customers who may be using the drug while illegal at the same time.Feel free to find more information at dispensaries near me.

In Colorado, dispensaries also grow, process, and deliver marijuana to people in the state. Like in the other states mentioned, it is illegal to buy and sell marijuana from Colorado Springs except through licensed businesses. However, Colorado Springs residents can grow up to six marijuana plants at home. If you grow more than six, you are breaking the law and can have your plants taken away. Unlike California, there is not a quota on how many marijuana plants can be grown inside a residence.

Many of the pot shops in Colorado Springs are located in high-crime neighborhoods like Colfax Avenue, Civic Center, or south of downtown. Some of the marijuana dispensary that have opened in this area include The Blue Door, Denver Relief, Denver 7, and Denver Botanical Gardens. To avoid purchasing marijuana at these shops, look for a “medical marijuana” sign outside. Also, be aware that some of the locations may be selling recreational marijuana, so keep this in mind when making your decision.

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