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Is your medical doctor standing behind a counter and giving clients free advice? I’m sure they don’t, and a trained naturopath shouldn’t. If you are getting your health advice from a naturopath who does this – I will run like the wind because in this case there are probably a variety of things happening.Barrie Naturopath offers excellent info on this.

While watching shows like Doctor Oz, or reading storeys on Yahoo’s front page, you might have heard of the word “naturopathic” More and more individuals are starting to turn to naturopathic medicine and are attracting physicians specialised in these programmes. The best thing about naturopathic treatment is that for the whole family, it’s accessible. As well as allergy monitoring and treatment, some also provide OB/GYN services.

Before attempting anything different, it’s good to conduct research. The following facts might be worth remembering if you’re just beginning your journey towards holistic wellbeing.

In the past, a visit to a naturopathic centre wouldn’t cover health insurance plans. There are however, several expanded insurance policies today that do so. To see if this is excluded, review your policy. The best thing about naturopathic centres is that they are not limited by OHIP rules, which pay physicians for the number of patients they see. This implies that physicians have more time to handle each patient thoroughly.

A ride to a family doctor takes about seven minutes on average, while the first visit to a naturopathic doctor takes between one and two hours. Normally, the follow-up is half an hour. This gives ample time for the doctor to go over the root causes of any conditions that you are struggling with.

To receive a post-graduate degree, naturopathic doctors go to medical school for eight years. This is broken down into four years of undergraduate university studies and four further years of medical college. As with chiropractors and medical doctors, this is the same amount of time.

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