The Most Overlooked Fact About The Drama Series “The Lincoln Lawyer”

Michael Connelly is the author of, among others, the Hieronymus Bosch series: The Black Echo, which I found to be equally exciting. I thought it really sprint from cover to cover as I was lucky enough to trace the development of his earlier work from “The Poet” to “The Lincoln Lawyer”, a # 1 New York Times Best Seller. see post

The liability of the lead character and the true meaning of the relationships formed inside was most striking of all as a budding connoisseur of the genre. If ever there was one, Michael Haller is a straight-talking lawyer and the story is easily told in the first person. Lately, a lot of good fiction writers seem to tend to put a fast-talking protagonist mouthing sarcasm in the driving seat to steer the way and direct verbal glamour pages that can often be humorous but taxing when overused. Not here, here, the Lincoln lawyer is the main character; sharp, quick-witted and committed, Mickey Haller depicts a rare authenticity founded on charm that resounds in spite of the sleazy world laying in the courtroom woodwork.

Sharply woven, Connelly is easily the next Grisham with twists in the right places and characters that won’t lead you astray, providing amply for the construction of the firework and eventual conclusion. I did not read as a critic for the first time in quite a while, but with an engrossing interest in a compassionate story. Told well. Michael Connelly commands a decent mixture of crime and courtroom drama packed with suspense fiction.