The Chicken Salad and Sandwich Shop – An Insight

The chicken salad and sandwich shop are probably one of my favourite places in Ottawa. There are many reasons for this, but I think the most important is the freshness of the food, as well as the quality of the ingredients. It is not uncommon at all to walk into a popular chicken salad and sandwich shop and find a very full menu, with many different types and cuts of chicken and different condiments to go with it. I strongly suggest you to visit Sandwich Shop to learn more about this.

Some chicken salad and sandwich shops also offer salads that are grilled or oven baked. I have found that the baked chicken salad with homemade bread is delicious and really goes along well with the lighter side of sandwiches. Of course, the real star at this place is the sandwich. The chicken is cut so thin that you almost feel that you are eating finger sized pieces of the sandwich itself. It can come with your favourite type of tomato sauce and some French mustard, or it can be just plain with no sauce at all.

My favourite kind of chicken salad is the “seasonal” chicken salad. This is available all year round, and I especially love it in the spring when you can get snow in the air and the weather tends to become a little more temperate. The sandwich is normally a smaller portion than the seasonal variety, and it is prepared by removing the drumstick and putting it inside a bowl of mixed vegetables and bread crumbs. It goes great on rainy afternoons and it is also good any time of the day, as you might find yourself eating it while watching television – in fact I have actually watched an episode of Friends when the chef decided to make it, and boy did they eat it!