Storm Damage Roof Repair Often Asked Questions

The structural integrity of your roofing system should be a top priority, since it is one of the most critical aspects of any basic home maintenance and repair schedule. As soon as your roof starts to show signs of damage or poor results, you can contact a licenced roofing company to determine the cause of the problem and make any necessary professional repairs or improvements. The earlier you diagnose and fix a roof problem, the less expensive and intrusive the repair process will be. This involves professional post-storm inspections to ensure your property is still in good working order. Get the facts about Dallas Roof Repair you can try this out.
When it comes time to fix a roof, most homeowners have a lot of doubts and worries because they are not roofing experts. Continue reading below to learn more about roof repair and replacement and to obtain a better understanding of your roofing system’s needs after a severe storm.

Should I Repair My Roof Even if There Is Just a Minor Amount of Damage?
Even if the damage is minor, it must be fixed in order to maintain the true structural integrity of your roofing system. Neglecting to repair minor damages may lead to more costly ones later on, such as water damage.

If I file a roof repair claim, will my insurance company drop me?
Since storm damage is completely out of your control, it’s unlikely that your homeowners’ insurance provider will cancel your policy. In reality, most states make it illegal for them to do so. There may be exceptions to this law, but in most cases, filing a storm damage repair claim would not result in the policy being cancelled.

Will filing a roof repair claim cause my insurance rates to rise?
After a major storm or natural disaster, it is normal for insurance companies to increase everyone’s rates. One way to look at it is that if you are still helping to pay for someone else’s repairs, you can file a claim for your own. It’s likely that there will be exceptions to this law.

Why isn’t the manufacturer’s warranty covering my new roof?
Manufacturers of roofing products also remove hail repairs from their warranties. In reality, hail is expressly mentioned as a non-covered repair in many warranties. Keep in mind that newer roofs are more vulnerable to hail damage because they haven’t had enough time to repair and build up resistance to the elements. To avoid this problem, consult with a trustworthy contractor about the low-cost hail damage prevention options available.