Preventing Falls in the Home – Senior Safety Solutions

Fall risks abound in the house, accounting for the majority of injuries suffered there. If seniors have a fall at home, the consequences can be catastrophic. Umbles become more common as physical mobility decreases and eyesight deteriorates, placing seniors at greater risk of injury. Severe falls, particularly among the elderly, can result in long-term injuries or disability.Learn more by visiting Forklift Trainer Training

As a result, evaluating a home’s fall hazards is a critical step in ensuring senior citizens’ protection. Preventing falls would enhance quality of life and allow seniors to stay independent in their own homes for a longer period of time.

The bathroom, without a doubt, has the highest chance of falling. When it comes to sliding risks, water and tile floors can still be a dangerous combination. Slips are more likely in a wet bathroom, whether a person is in or out of the shower. Let’s look at some simple changes that can be made in this room to prevent slides, trips, and falls.

The Shower Interior
Showering and bathing can be dangerous to one’s health. Showering can be a daunting process for seniors or those with mobility problems due to the frequency with which people shower and the wet and slick conditions. The most successful options for making the bathroom a better place are shower chairs and bath benches.

From oval shower stools to vinyl padded chairs or handicap seats with or without backs, shower chairs came in a variety of shapes and sizes. Suction feet on shower chairs keep the seat firmly attached to the bathtub, preventing falls. Handicap models will also make it easier for wheelchair-bound seniors to use their bathtubs without having to remodel the room.
Bath benches are used to make it easier to get into the pool. Seniors can comfortably slip into the bath tub with the help of a bath bench. These benches are located halfway between the shower and the outside. Suction cups hold the two feet inside the tub in place, while the outside of the bench extends beyond the shower. Seniors can comfortably reach the tub by sitting on the bench from the outside.

Outside The Bathtub
There are more protection products that can be placed in and around the bathroom after a shower chair or bath bench. To avoid slips, use non-slip pads, adhesive safety strips, and non-slip decals liberally in the bathroom.
To boost versatility and stability, grab bars can be easily placed near baths, sinks, and toilets. They can also assist anyone in the event of a crash. When people lose their balance, they always attempt to catch themselves on towel racks, but these will pull out of the wall.
It’s important to keep the bathroom secure so that seniors can remain independent in their own homes. Simple improvements, such as using higher-wattage light bulbs and installing night lights, can go a long way toward making the bathroom cleaner. Seniors would be able to maintain their independence for several more years if they use shower chairs and bath benches.