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Any real estate course or lecture would not be able to substitute a competent attorney. Since most lawyers aren’t developers or have a lot of experience with new creative deals, finding a successful real estate lawyer can be difficult. Most attorneys can only provide you with the information you need to save them from being sued, but they will not provide you with enough information to help you profit from a real estate transaction.Have a look at law firm for more info on this.

A good real estate attorney will not only warn you of the risks associated with different transaction choices, but will also charge you a fair fee for doing so. A bad real estate lawyer will either say nothing, point out problems without providing solutions, or systematically sabotage transactions. As a result, lawyers are often referred to as “contract killers.”

Check with other investors in your industry to see if they use an attorney. You might also join a real estate investor’s group and ask for some recommendations. Contact your local real estate agents and title companies for more information. Choose anyone from the Yellow Pages who CLAIMS to be a real estate attorney specialist.

When interviewing a real estate solicitor, ask the following questions:

Is he a landlord with a rental property?

What is the number of closings he does each year?

What kind of shady dealings has he been involved in recently?

Is there someone he’s ever evicted? Are there any foreclosed properties available? Zoning board of change hearings? Are there any plans for condo conversions?

Is he able to explain to you the words lease/option, wraparound mortgage, and instalment land contract?

Get a sense of the lawyer’s demeanour and attitude. A good attorney on your side is priceless, particularly if he has the ability to close deals in unconventional ways.


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If you have having legal problems and hope to attain immigrant status in the United States, you should seek the services of an immigration law office. The lawyers in these offices have the knowledge and skills to handle cases that deal specifically with immigration regulations. view here

People want to immigrate to other countries for a wide variety of reasons. The most common are to obtain legal permanent residency or to find work in that country. When you become a legal permanent resident, you are granted a license to stay in the U.S. on a permanent basis, free to live and work as you desire. Getting a license means doing a lot of legal work, however, and an immigration law office is just the place to turn to for help.

To obtain a permanent residency, you should consult with attorneys that specialize in immigration law. They have training in how to handle cases that involve the laws regulating immigration. The best source of information and guidance in getting permanent residency status is the immigration law office. You can ask for advice about eligibility requirements and other rules and regulations governing the application for permanent residence. After receiving advice from the law office, you will know what route to take to get where you want to go in terms of residency.

The immigration law office will inform you about four basic immigration options that are available to applicants for U.S. visas. These include immigration through employment, through a family member, permanent resident status as a refugee or someone seeking asylum, and immigration through a diversity lottery. Each method has benefits and disadvantages, depending on your unique circumstances. The lawyer you consult at the immigration law office will assess your qualification before offering any advice regarding your options.

You can get citizenship to the U.S. by either your birth or the naturalization process. The immigration law office will inform you of the benefits to be obtained by becoming a citizen. These include higher exemptions in estate taxes, federal job benefits, more freedom to travel to other countries, and the all-important right to vote. Your immigration lawyer will also inform you about the federal grants and scholarships that are available only to U.S. citizens.

The law office can help with the preparation and filing of your application for citizenship as well. You must comply with a number of regulations, and the law office attorney can also tell you if you have any particular issues that should be addressed. If there are problems that threaten your citizenship application, the attorney will discuss them with you and suggest ways to resolve them.