Hidden Benefits of Janitorial Services Toronto Pro

Our business, a commercial supplier of cleaning and janitorial services, obtained an order for a janitorial quotation from a local fast food franchise several weeks ago. Our seller was shocked that he had never seen a place for fast food that was involved in nightly janitorial cleaning. Our business has performed floor washing, carpet washing, kitchen design jobs, and the like for restaurants, however as part of the closing duties of restaurant workers, regular cleaning is normally conducted in-house. To build his quotation, he went to survey the site, but had to ask the director, “Why a janitorial service?” The response was interesting.Find additional information at Janitorial Services Toronto.

According to the fast food franchisee, he had spent some time in Texas visiting another franchise before opening his own store – the largest and most profitable in the world, in reality. There, he had asked the owner for a tip he could use to make his own franchise just as successful. About the tip? “Use a janitorial service.” At first, the franchisee feared he was being fooled with, but the subsequent clarification made sense.

The major franchise owner had discovered that after closing, his workers spent many hours each night cleaning the restaurant. They were not doing a decent job, and it was not appreciated by his workers (mostly students) to remain late to finish these assignments. He was pleased by the improved efficiency of staff who were willing to devote most of their shift selling food when he tried outsourcing to a nearby janitorial service (closing times were smoother so that closer shifts could begin earlier in the day) and were more driven when relieved of the dreaded cleaning duties and late nights. In less time than it took many fast food employees, one qualified janitorial cleaner could clean the restaurant. The labour savings helped and, satisfying his clients, the restaurant was significantly cleaner. He maintained that it was one of his strongest decisions to contract a janitorial service.

Our nearby franchise owner was impressed by this testimony and was now on the search for his own restaurant with a janitorial operation. What a perfect illustration of how so much more than another drag on the company maintenance fund may be janitorial services. This programmes are seen as a necessary evil for other corporations, but this fast food franchisee saw them as an opportunity to improve efficiency and profitability.

Advantages can come in the form of happy, healthier workers who use fewer sick days with other companies (especially if you have employed a green cleaning company). Daytime janitorial maintenance has been made a realistic choice by innovative methods and technology, which has proved to help businesses save large sums on their energy bills. Perhaps it is time that we quit looking at janitorial facilities as a financial drain and continue to see them as an incentive for organisations anywhere to benefit.