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You may not be able to see it, but with a little experience, you should be able to find it. Yes, you could post a photo online and within minutes, everyone will know your exact location.Learn more by visiting Fort Worth Auto Insurance

Do you believe it’s impossible? is a website dedicated to geotag awareness. They also have a unique way of bringing people to consciousness. They tweet the poster, letting them know where a photo was taken and when.

According to security expert Larry Peace, people have mixed reactions. Some people are outraged, while others seem to have been aware of geotags for some time and want to know how to avoid it.

Adam Savage, the host of MythBusters, did not disable the geotags on his machine when he took a photo of his car in front of his house and posted it to Twitter.

Flickr has reportedly put in place security against geotags unless picture posters specifically request them, and the way and Facebook format photos does not always allow for a geotag to be posted, so don’t count on it.

The security implications are massive. Many people have no qualms about taking a picture of their kitchen table and listing it on Craigslist. Or the high-end jewellery they’re trying to sell. If the camera they’re using marks the files, however, any thief can find out where the seller lives and take the goods for himself. The thief now has a better idea of when the house would be empty if the seller has already listed the best times to call.

Stalking is a definite threat when it comes to geotagging. Stalkers can use images from Twitter, Facebook, and casual snapshots on blogs to learn more about their targets, such as where they live, their favourite restaurants, and where they shop. It’s similar to leaving a digital trail that can be investigated and followed. It just takes a quick software search and a comparison to Google street maps. What is the final outcome? View of the street and the address