Excavating Lawrence KS – A Key Part of Road Construction

Excavating is one of the three main types of archaeological research. Archaeology is concerned with prehistoric human activity, which can be either sedentary or hunter-gatherers, and is the oldest form of science. Excavation is the specialized detection, processing and documentation of prehistoric archaeological remains. A dig site or “digs” is the open area being excavated. These areas range from a single to many acres in a time frame and can be done over a period of weeks to many years.Do you want to learn more? Visit Excavating Lawrence KS

Before excavating is commenced, it is important to prepare the land for the work ahead of time by clearing the grass and making sure there are no boobytons or heavy equipment. Once this has been done, the soil will be excavated using a truck, tractor, or a bulldozer depending on the requirements of the job. The excavating contractor or team will begin their work by loading the dump trucks with debris and dirt, while placing control rods below the surface to level the land. After this is done, the team will backfill around the excavated area, while working with the soil to remove all possible obstacles to the new driveway or road. After all of this has been done the team can begin with the actual excavating.

Excavating can be done using both hand shovels and heavy equipment. In addition to the traditional tools that are used for this type of job the team may also use bobcat tractors or cherry pickers to move the sediment, topsoil, gravel and other debris. The size of the excavation can range anywhere from one to three acres, but is usually between one and four acres in size. When using excavating equipment the workers have to be careful to avoid hitting their own machinery and therefore it is important that they wear protective gear including hard hats and steel-toed boots. This helps to protect the equipment from any damage, such as from being stepped on by heavy equipment or falling debris. This also helps to ensure that no one is hurt during the Excavating process.