Stucco Repair Made Easy

Even though you may be better off letting a professional stucco contractor or mason fix your large and seemingly impossible repairs, you could easily do some stucco repair jobs on your own if you have the proper know-how. The way that you make these repairs also will depend on the kind of damage, including the size of the hole required. If you are simply looking to make small dents in the exterior wall, use a putty knife to create a very small depression in the wall surface. Then apply some stucco to the depression, being sure to smooth out any bubbles that are left. If there are larger holes in the wall, a putty knife will not work, but a hammer will be necessary to pound them solid.
Stucco can be repaired for so many types of damage, so if you can even identify which type it is that has been damaged, chances are you can probably repair it yourself. The easiest way to get started is to determine what the problem is, then look for a close match in material to fix the problem. For example, if there is a dent in the exterior wall, maybe your next repair would be to patch up a crack in the drywall. Or maybe your door is sticking or you have gouges and deep scratches in the woodwork, maybe your repair job will be to sand the wood smooth. In order to keep things simple when repairing your home, start with the easy repairs first, like replacing cracked windows. If you can’t see any other damage, like mold growing around the exterior walls, most contractors will suggest that you do a complete home inspection before they start repairing. Get the facts about Why DIY Stucco Repair is a Bad Idea you can try this out.
Stucco repairs are fairly easy, but if there is excessive damage like holes and large cracks, you may need to remove some of the stucco base coat, sand down the wall, and apply an undercoat before you begin any work. Many times this is a one time fix, but if the damage is severe, it may be necessary to remove the base coat twice or more. Stucco base coat jobs can be removed with a putty knife or pry bar, or with a hammer. After the coat has been taken off, a top coat should be applied to add some finishing shine. Some people like to apply a latex primer before their final coat of stucco repair, but that practice is not recommended unless you are familiar with the product and know how to use it.