Information About Shared Hosting

A shared hosting account is a type of web hosting whereby many sites share a common server, typically on a shared rack, with the Internet in general. This is usually the cheapest option for web hosting, since the cost of server administration is shared amongst several users. A shared hosting account is like having your own mail server, mail box, FTP access and any other features that you may need. However, if you want your site to run at peak performance, then you will probably need a dedicated server, since a shared server runs your website at a reduced speed.
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While shared hosting offers the cheapest option, it has some drawbacks that you should consider before signing up. First, you must be able to afford the monthly cost of your server, which could be quite high depending on the number of sites you wish to host. Secondly, you will have limited control over the operation of your server, because the administration is shared. You cannot do much to alter the configuration of your server, although you can activate or deactivate services as needed. This lack of control gives shared hosting a distinct advantage over a dedicated server – you are unable to make changes to your server unless you take down the entire website.

A good alternative to shared hosting plan is to buy a dedicated server from a hosting provider. When you sign up for a dedicated host, you will gain full control over the configuration of your server, whereas you are tied to the control panel of the host. The control panel will provide installation of all necessary software, and you can choose your own operating system, as well as select your own data storage options. You will also have more flexibility when choosing operating systems, as well as customizing your server in terms of software packages. Dedicated servers are also considerably more reliable and secure, since they are hosted on multiple redundant server pairs, guaranteeing that the servers will remain operational at all times.