Indianapolis Tile and Grout Cleaning – An Insight

When you consider all of the many home improvement projects that you need to complete in order to make your home beautiful, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all of the things that need to be accomplished. Often, homeowners neglect tile and grout cleaning until a major remodeling project is in the works. The end result is an unpleasant, discolored, and unappealing floor. Tile and grout are a porous substance and over time it becomes damaged by grease, oil, food and stains, often severely discoloring the underlying surface. Professional tile and grout cleaning services employ proprietary hot water extraction (or steam cleaning) techniques to thoroughly clean the stubborn dirt and restore the beautiful luster to your tiles.You may want to check out Indianapolis Tile and Grout Cleaning for more.

In the typical tile cleaning process hot water is pumped into the tile surface using a high pressure washer. This rids the tile of any dirt and grime, as well as loosening and removing any contaminates that may have remained after cleaning. Tile is generally placed on a tiled floor, where it will be cleaned using aggressive scrubbing strokes and rinsing methods that are designed to loosen built up dirt and debris. It’s important to not scrub too vigorously as to cause damage to the tile and also be careful not to use harsh abrasive pads or brushes as these can permanently dull tile surfaces. To prepare the tile for installation or repair, a pre-salt pasteurized water solution is used to coat the surfaces, acting as a seal and helping to reduce the risk of tile damage or dislodging.

After the tile is cleaned it’s then treated with a variety of germ killers to ensure the surfaces remain clean and sanitary. Often stone or tile surfaces are subjected to steam treatments in order to help eliminate bacteria, dirt and grime. Some homeowners with stone or ceramic tile flooring in their homes find that these treatments prove to be beneficial in eliminating odors and providing a healthy clean and sanitary environment. After these sanitary treatments are complete, the file can then be installed and often stone or tile surfaces can remain clean and sealed throughout the years with regular professional cleaning and maintenance.


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