Importance Of Regular Septic System Maintenance

The septic system takes the waste water from homes and offices and moves it into a septic tank where bacteria act on it and into the drainfield from there. As most of the contents of the pipes and tanks consist of hazardous solid and liquid waste inside the system, it is most critical that the entire system operates effectively. Do you want to learn more? Visit  septic system inspection in breslau

If a septic tank malfunctions, what happens?

If one or more components of the septic system do not function as well as they should, the radioactive waste will escape into the atmosphere, causing the occupants of the house, the neighbors and the environment a whole lot of untold harm.

It can threaten the health of your family by breathing in the poisonous gases that result from the waste escaping through cracks and breaks in the pipes. Apart from the stench, it can also be intolerable.

If the effluents continue to escape, the distribution begins to expand and can pollute the atmosphere and landscape.

It will eventually destroy the property and its value if left unchecked, so if you are thinking of reselling, you could not get what you expected.

You may be able to overlook it for a while, but you will have to attend to the repair of the cracks or breaks inside the pipes or tanks after a certain period of time. The longer you leave it as it is without doing the necessary repair work, the more costly it will be to do the repair work.

How you can prolong the septic system’s existence

You can do several things to prolong the life of your system:

Install shower heads and aerators designed to allow conservative use of water

Ensure that any leaks are fixed as soon as possible so that water does not begin to drain out prematurely, which can place a heavy strain on the tanks and the overall system.

As larger objects can obstruct the passages and cause the water to back up, be careful what you throw down the drain.

Make sure no drainage pipes are connected to the drains of the roof and sump pumps as the excessive water flows back into the kitchen and bathroom.