How to Clean Up Fire Damage

One of the most traumatic things you will ever encounter is living through fire damage to your company or building. Even if it’s a small burn, the structure’s damage is typically very clear. Scorch marks, black spots and usually a lot of signs of a fire would be present. After having suffered fire damage, the only thing you can do is to call the repair experts to help you clean up the damage caused by smoke and fire.Check out Fort Lauderdale Mold Removal for more info.

Second, the repair experts will struggle with the scent of smoke and they will need to clean it from all the fabrics and then from the hard floors, tiles, and home or office surfaces.

All fabrics must first be deodorized and then washed, including clothes, carpets, upholstered furniture. Most people just don’t have the experience to do this on their own and have to call the restaurant experts. The restoration specialist will use counteractants or chemicals that dissolve the molecules of the smoke, thereby removing the odor. There are many different counteractants, and the one used in your home or company depends on the type of damage caused by fire and the type of fabric.

Most specialists use a treatment of ozone to remove the smoke. An ozone generator is brought in in these situations, and then the objects are placed inside a tent and handled. It is then necessary to launder clothes that are treated with the ozone system.

A procedure called thermal fogging can be used to treat the damage caused by fire on hard surfaces and walls. This fog is instilled into the hard surfaces and neutralizes the scent of smoke.

This is a very complicated operation, as you can see, so you need to be sure and get a reliable fire restoration company to work with you to remove all the damage from the fire. You are likely to have to deal with smoke odor for a few years unless you do this. This harm can affect the value of your home in the real estate market and can also lead to other extreme breathing disorders.