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A recent research has found that there are very few middle-aged (and older) white Americans having screenings for skin cancer. We all know that inspecting the surface of the skin will help detect skin cancers as they are best to treat at an early stage.Kindly visit Fresno Skin Cancer Screening to find more information.

According to the report, for those without a history of skin cancer who have not completed high school or have some of the other popular cancer screenings – mammograms, prostate-specific antigen (PSA) or colorectal cancer, a lack of screening is a particular issue.

Experts are not sure why this is going on, but they pose some important questions

– Do people not know how critical research of this sort is?

– Do they know when, and from whom, to get these screenings?

– Do they have health coverage for seeing a dermatologist?

Perhaps there is a lot of stuff playing a part. Researchers analysed data from 10,486 white men and women over 50 years of age who were interested in the 2005 National Health Interview Study to learn more. Just 16 percent of men were detected by the researchers, and 13 percent of women reported getting a skin examination in the past year. For too many people of this generation, skin cancer tests, like other screenings, are not taking place.

Doctors may want to talk to patients about examining the skin, particularly those who may not be aware of the risks, and the most vulnerable are men who have less education.

Your doctor will remind you that the largest organ in your body is your skin, which protects your internal organs from damage or infection. It also helps to monitor the temperature of the body and to rid the body of excess water and salt.

The most common of all cancers is skin cancer, with over one million new cases diagnosed per year. The American Cancer Society estimates that almost 5 percent of these skin cancers are caused by melanoma, but it causes the largest number of deaths from skin cancer. The death rate from melanoma has been steadily rising over the last 35 years, unlike other cancers.

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