Falls Church Chiropractors – Care Related to Cervical Spine Injury

Most people don’t realize how much tension your neck requires, with its high degree of flexibility and stability for your 12-14 pound brain, coupled with the fact that it has the least amount of muscle stabilization in the spine indicates your neck is very susceptible to injury. The spinal cord runs directly through the middle vertebra opening and sends signals to every muscle, organ, and body system. The spinal cord sends out a nerve between each pair of cervical vertebrae, running from your neck and upper back down to your hands and fingers. This means that if you have pain, numbness, tingling, cold or any other symptoms in your hand and arm, it can actually be an issue in your neck! It may also resemble and can be associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, which causes the wrist and hand to experience intense discomfort.Learn more about us at  Falls Church Chiropractor

Your neck was also created with built-in shock absorbers, including both the intervertebral disk and what is called a lordosis or curve in the cervix. The curve works like a spring which removes the head pressure that lands on the back. When the neck lacks this lordotic curve the neck’s ligaments are strained and weaken their strength to hold the curve. It will mimic the weight a bowling ball currently on a stick sitting on top of a spring over a bowling ball. May one trigger more strain, you think? This failure of the lordotic curve may result from a number of things, including an automobile accident, persistent poor posture, or vertebral misalignments that a chiropractor left untreated.

Poor posture is a common cause of joint dysfunction in the neck and may cause problems in the shoulders as well as in the upper back. This is a rather general phenomenon seen in workplace chiropractic. Bad postural patterns are mostly the product of bad behavior including lying in bed, slouching while seated or driving and bending over to look at a computer screen. These are causes of poor posture and each can be addressed by having the chiropractor balanced and finding the right way to hold yourself during day-to-day activities. With neck posture one thing to keep in mind is not to let your head bend forward or hunch for long periods of time. Often, whenever you are stuck in one spot for a long time , make sure that you get up and move about every hour to maintain mobility in the joints. When seated, make sure your head is straight and supporting your ass, hold your knees slightly lower than your shoulders, and rest your arms particularly if you’re operating with a keyboard or a mouse.