Easy New Orleans Winter Home Maintenance Tips

The winter months can be quite cold depending on where you are. Taking the time to do some work around the home ahead of time or before it gets too cold can make all the difference in the world, especially when it can help prevent water damage. What’s great is that the majority of these maintenance jobs can be performed by the homeowner. Sadly, many homeowners may not know where to start; these tips will hopefully help. Interested readers can find more information about them at official site.

Tips on Winter Home Maintenance

1. Cleaning any and all parts, including the cushions, is important for outdoor furniture. It should be repaired if there is rust damage. Outdoor furniture is highly recommended to be stored indoors for the winter. If furniture can not be stored, however, cover furniture and permit airflow so that mold/mildew can now form.

2. Fireplaces should be inspected and cleaned professionally. As it helps to prevent chimney fires, this should be done at least once a year.

3. Check for air leaks around doors and windows. One of the simplest ways to check is to move a lighter around the window or door frame to see if a breeze is starting to move or flicker. With caulking or by replacing the wood framework, it can be repaired. At home improvement stores, a plastic sealing kit can also be purchased. With a quick door sweep, doors can usually be easily mounted.

4. In both your attic and basement, good insulation is a must. Hold an eye out for any dark, dirty spots when inspecting your insulation, as they may indicate possible air leaks.

5. Drain gas from your gasoline powered equipment for the winter so that it can be stored away.

6. Start early and during the winter months, keep plenty of wood cut and stacked for burning. For quick access, keep a smaller stack closer to your home.

7. If you store a gas-powered generator for emergencies, make sure that the generator has containers of gas stored away. Gasoline should be stored either in a garage or in a storage unit outside. Make sure it is in working order for your generator.

8. The snow shovels and snow blower are in good shape for double control. Waiting until there’s a snow storm to buy one, the store is likely to be sold out.

9. Regardless of how you heat your home, to ensure that it works correctly, it is important to have your heating unit inspected.

By taking the time to perform these routine home maintenance steps, you can prevent problems not only during these cold months but can also prevent water damage in the future.