DWI Consoles

Getting legal help for DWI situations is something everyone should consider if they are arrested for driving under the influence. Since DWI is a criminal offense, the penalties can be severe and really impact the quality of your life in a negative way. You may think hiring a DUI attorney is too expensive, but think about it in terms of your life. Instead of thinking of it as an investment, think of getting legal help for DWI as an investment in your future. If you don’t work with a DWI attorney, you may be convicted of a criminal offense and sentenced to jail time, fines, probation, and other penalties. If you do work with a DWI attorney, you’ll have an experienced legal professional working with you to help you win your case. Even though your attorney can’t promise you a successful outcome, getting legal help for DWI cases is the best way to handle your defense. To know more continue reading.

Legal Help for DWI – Physical Impairment Cases

One of the ways a prosecutor can handle a DWI case is by choosing to focus on your physical impairment at the time of your arrest. Being physically impaired means you were unable to safely operate a motor vehicle at the time of your arrest. When the prosecutor handles a case based on physical impairment, s/he will try to show that you were impaired at the time of your arrest. Law enforcement officers or other witnesses may testify about your driving habits, behavior, and appearance at the time you were pulled over on suspicion of DWI. Your performance on field sobriety tests may also be introduced to show that you lacked the motor and mental skills necessary to safely operate a motor vehicle. Getting legal help for DWI when the prosecutor is focusing on your physical impairment is very important.

Legal Help for DWI – Per Se DWI Cases

Another way a prosecutor can handle a DWI case is by focusing on the results of chemical testing done after your arrest on a DWI charge. The theory behind a per se charge of DWI is that having a blood alcohol concentration level that exceeds a certain limit means you were driving under the influence, regardless of whether you showed any signs of physical impairment. In most states, the legal limit is 0.08% for driving under the influence cases. Getting legal help for DWI cases involving a per se DWI is especially important. Testimony about chemical testing may be complex, so you’ll need a qualified attorney to sift through all of the information and defend you against the charges. Your attorney may also have expert witnesses testify during your trial to try to show that the test results were not valid or that testing was not performed correctly.

Legal Help for DWI – Fighting License Suspensions

You’ll need legal help for DWI charges and for handling another part of your DWI case. When you’re arrested for DWI, your driving privileges are automatically suspended as an administrative penalty. This suspension takes place even before you have a chance to present your defense at a trial. You’ll need a qualified attorney on your side so you have someone to represent you during any appeal hearings that take place. If you have a skilled attorney, you may be able to get a restricted license or a temporary license that will allow you to drive to work, school, and other necessary appointments until your criminal trial takes place. Since not being able to drive can really mess up your life, having an attorney help you get your driving privileges reinstated is extremely important.

Legal Help for DWI – Sentencing

Getting legal help for DWI is also important even if you are convicted of a DWI charge. Because judges can consider a number of circumstances prior to sentencing convicted offenders, your attorney may be able to convince the judge to impose probation instead of jail or to reduce the penalties imposed against you in some other way. Your attorney will speak to the judge on your behalf and let him or her know about anything that could work in your favor. This information can include any disabilities you have that could not be adequately cared for in jail, family responsibilities like watching your children while your spouse works or caring for an elderly family member, or the fact that you are the only source of income for your family. Although you won’t be able to get out of the DUI or erase it from your record, this information can get the judge to sentence you to probation and other penalties instead of jail time if it is appropriate based on the number of convictions you have and any aggravating circumstances present in your case.