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Do not use the equipment if you are in a gym or fitness club and carry the fact that the system is faulty to an employee of the club. You may want to check out No Limits Fitness for more. Not only should the equipment not be used by you, no one else should use it either. Suggest that an out-of-order sign be put on the equipment so that others know that the equipment is indeed faulty. When we work with equipment that utilises vast quantities of weight, torque and strength, when the equipment is faulty and damaged, the risk for serious injury diametrically increases. To ensure your safety and the safety of others by removing faulty equipment, take the appropriate measures. This is an efficient technique for reducing the risk for future injury associated with exercise.

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Since Roger Bannister broke his four-minute mile, the record has fallen by almost 17 seconds.

Former Chief Physiologist of the British Olympic Medical Centre at the Department of Research and Medicine of the British Olympic Association.

If you’re exercising right now you might have experienced a physical fitness degree that was greater than anything you ever thought imaginable. Did that make you wonder, “Is there a limit to my physical possibilities?” May I continue to strive for higher physical fitness standards to perform greater and more demanding physical feats? “

In 1954, track and field athlete Roger Bannister was the first person to break the 4-minute mile barrier. Before he did so many noted scientists, professional athletes and physical health experts concluded that running 1 mile in less than 4 minutes was physically impossible for the human body.