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Tape off the areas such as baseboards and mouldings that you don’t want painted. Lighting fixtures and wall sockets are covered and plastic sheets are placed over furniture to protect against drips. Checkout GSD Painting and Decorating Contractors. You will probably also choose to put plastic or an old sheet in the area you are painting on the carpet. Sometimes, paint rollers will slip and hit where you do not want them to.Fill in with putty in any holes or cracks and smooth out. Fill out any remaining holes from where you scraped the old paint, too. If the wall has the least amount of an impression, it will be shown as a very uneven spot through the paint, so make sure you fill it as well. Smooth the puttied areas using a damp sponge when you have filled in all the regions and let it dry. Sand the area with the sanding block when dry in order to smooth out any rough edges left. Select a brand name for paint of the highest quality. You don’t have to pay a fortune for a gallon of paint, but you should buy a product of the highest quality. Call some general contractors near you and ask them what brand of paint they are suggesting. You can call or visit some diy shops once you have gotten a name to try out and compare prices. This is really an important step because you have decided to select a less expensive paint brand that it may not cover as well as the area. It is an option to use a primer, but it is not vital. One coat should be covered by the best brand of paint. In order to provide a more polished look, sometimes you may want a second coat.A final tip: check whether there are any bubbled or uneven spots after your new paint has dried.