Detailed Notes On Attending Your Court Date

There is a well-known old line: “clothes make the man.” Although the man might not be made of clothes, they definitely form the way people view him. What you wear and how you groom yourself give the people around you very strong subconscious clues. And it’s important to send the right message about yourself when you’re in court, with your future in the hands of a judge or a jury. Like it or not, the result of your court case will be affected by how you appear and how you behave. -click to find out more

Court Dressing

The Court is a position where you want to get the feeling that you are a mature and upstanding person. If you walk around wearing an old pair of jeans and a filthy t-shirt, you can send a signal that you are not concerned about the law or the people around you at all. It’s important, therefore, to find clothes that express the way you want to be seen. Wear a dark suit and conservative dress shoes if you are a male. A jacket and tie will be enough if you do not own a suit. A conservative suit or a blouse and slacks or a skirt are the best bet if you are a woman. Do not wear any revealing items.

Grooming with

Your ability to come off as clean and presentable is equally important. The best is a conventional haircut. Make sure you are freshly shaved if you are a man. Make sure you’ve properly bathed. Thoroughly brush your teeth and make sure that your nails are tidy and clean. It’s all about seeming respectful once again. You want to be seen as someone who follows the law in a healthy way and those who carry it out.

Posture The

An significant measure of your character, too, is how you handle yourself. Stand up straight and don’t slouch, but don’t feel too rigid to come across. Look them in the eye while you are talking to them, just don’t glare. Sit up straight in your chair; in your own courtroom, you don’t want to look inattentive. Although you don’t want to appear rigid, on the side of too formal instead of too relaxed, err.

You have a much better chance of being taken seriously and making the court appearance go in your favour if you follow these tips. Remember: the key is to look mature and polite. All that you need to do is behave accordingly.