Cremation Fundamentals

Some claim that the body is the soul’s doorway. The spirit remains when the body is dead. Cremation is a way for individuals to know like their loved one is very close to them. This makes it possible for you to bring your loved one home with you. At a graveside service, there is no “goodbye” There is no question about getting out of your local cemetery – leaving you concerned about “leaving them behind”
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Hopefully, some of these often asked questions can provide clarity for someone who considers cremation for themselves or their loved ones with cremation on the rising.
What kind of direct crematory is it?
A direct crematory is a licensed facility where, without a funeral service, a cremation takes place. As these funeral services are not needed when you select direct cremation, a family can save on the expenses of buying a casket, embalming, hair and makeup, etc.
Are all suppliers of direct cremation services the same?
All suppliers of direct cremation facilities are not the same. The types of services and the rates offered may be the same; the service quality may not, however, be the same. Never make a price dependent decision alone. In order to ensure that they work with the highest code of ethics and level of respect for the families, prevent despair and dissatisfaction by taking the time to inspect all the local direct cremation providers.
How can I be certain that my loved ones are the cremated remains I receive?
Reputable crematories have put in place strict policies and protocols to ensure that your loved ones are truly the cremated remains that you collect. Private Family Viewing and Family-Witnessed Cremation are two cremation options that serve as a measure of identification; they can give peace of mind to families and the ability to say a final farewell in a meaningful way to their loved one.