Cosmetic Injection Treatments At Your Local MedSpa

Over the past five years, Medspas have been rising in almost every corner. The pursuit of cash revenues from office-based procedures has expanded from strip malls to medical office buldings. The advent of Botox, injectable fillers, liposdissolve, and laser treatments, in tandem with the insatiable demand of the public for youth and anti-aging treatments, has been largely responsible for this medspa concept. However, the medical standard behind many medspas may be missing.Do you want to learn more? Visit The Aesthetic Loft

Plastic surgeons’ remarks on this pattern are generally interpreted as attempts at ‘fair trade restriction’. Personally, what others do, inside or outside of medicine, I do not care. In my plastic surgery and spa work, I have plenty to think about and I tend to concentrate on honing my own abilities and delivering the best possible cosmetic treatment I can. The marketplace for cosmetics is not like conventional medicine… Really, let the buyer be patient. There are few regulatory agencies or guidelines for a burgeoning market that do not comply with reimbursement rules for federal and private insurance. Only the lawyers and the possibility of malpractice and liability problems (and maybe one’s good conscience?) prevent things from spinning fully out of control in this sector.

However, what I find most alarming is the utter disregard or lack of consideration for patient safety… for the sake of profits. I know of estheticians who routinely perform Botox in their own homes here in Indianapolis, cosmetologists doing injectable fillers in hair salons, nurse assistants doing lipodissolve injections, internists doing threadlifts, and ENT surgeons in their own surgery centers doing breast augmentations. Providers carrying out procedures for which they have no experience and no formal history, not to mention being far beyond what would allow their licenses and certificates, treating patients as subjects of study. (When you are teaching others in an educational environment without supervision from a trained provider…. you are a subject of research! Seeing someone else conduct the procedures in a local office does not constitute true education and training!