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Dental Benefits Market, 2005 confirms that “over 70 percent of the population pays at least a portion of their dental premiums” and about 25 percent pay their entire dental premium. 16 Many companies are turning to discount dental plans, an affordable alternative to dental insurance, Discount dental plans provide flexible, affordable dental benefits that are simple to implement and easy to manage practically. They provide companies with an ideal way to complement their existing advantages and offer a more balanced package of benefits. You may want to check out Mill Creek Dental for more. In order to provide dental benefits to individuals who are rarely covered by traditional dental insurance, many companies use discount dental plans, including retirees, part-time workers, seasonal workers and uninsured dependents. Discount dental plans are much less costly than the $600 that many businesses are currently paying to provide traditional dental insurance for staff. In addition, discount dental plans save businesses valuable business time without tedious paperwork problems with convenient dental benefit solutions. Businesses are relieved of the burden of selecting dental benefits to meet the unique, individual needs of their diverse workforce by giving employees the freedom to choose their own plan. Discount dental plans enable companies to provide their staff with the peace of mind they deserve and the affordable dental care they want.

Dental insurance plans are insurance schemes designed to pay for the cost of dental care. Dental care for dentists, orthodontists and hospitals will be covered by dental insurance for a portion of their fees. By doing so, dental insurance protects individuals from financial difficulties caused by unexpected dental costs.In today’s competitive marketplace, most companies would like to be able to provide comprehensive dental care benefits to current and potential employees. “Dental plans rank just behind health and retirement as the third most important benefit for employees.” 18 According to Cathy Smithwick, leader of dental practise at Mercer Consulting, dental coverage is the “visible benefit because a good dental plan will be used on average by 75 percent of employees.” 19 Dental benefits not only increase employee satisfaction and morale, but can also reduce hours.