Auto Sales And How They Are Changing The Automotive Industry

A car dealership, or auto dealer, is a privately owned company that sells used or new automobiles in the local retail market, depending on a dealer contract with its own sales division or an automaker. It may also carry various types of Certified Preowned vehicles. It employs auto sales professionals to sell cars. The majority of dealerships are in the conventional brick-and-mortar format, but some operate online as well. Interested readers can find more information about them at Stellam Auto Sales.
Automakers, which are primarily located in the United States, generate the bulk of new car sales in the country. In recent years, Asian car manufacturers have made a sizable dent into the U.S. market, and some U.S. car dealerships have moved wholly or partially to Asia to take advantage of Asian market pricing. These companies employ hundreds, if not thousands, of auto sales people in North America.
Small independent car dealers in the United States have also begun to sell used cars online through the Internet. The advent of the Internet has allowed for greater flexibility for these car dealerships, allowing them to increase their revenues while cutting overhead costs. Online advertising helps these dealerships cut expenses because it requires them to pay a lower monthly rate for online advertising than television, radio or print advertising. Online car dealerships can expand their customer base rapidly simply by expanding their Web sites and marketing aggressively on the Internet. Many of these online car dealerships have established Web sites that display a range of automobile models and are able to offer competitive prices to customers because they do not need to pay the upfront costs for brick-and-mortar buildings.