An Invisalign Dentist Does More Than Fix Smiles

It is no secret that, in a fraction of the time needed for care with ordinary metal braces, an accomplished Invisalign dentist will help patients achieve a more desirable smile with straighter teeth. When deciding on orthodontic facilities, cosmetic dental considerations are generally uppermost in the minds of people, but the truth is that there are far greater reasons to get your crooked, misaligned teeth repaired with Invisalign.You may want to check out Vancouver Braces for more.


‘Malocclusion’ is the medical word for a poor bite because of teeth that are overcrowded, erupt in unexpected locations or at odd angles, or have been knocked out of place by an accident, mostly – but not always. The truth is that almost every person suffers from some degree of malocclusion. In most cases, however, the disorder is so mild as to be unnoticeable and does not typically require dental care. There are individuals whose malocclusion is so extreme at the other end of the continuum that neither braces nor Invisalign can be of much help; these instances typically involve some form of invasive surgery.

The most helpful for those whose malocclusions are mild to moderate in nature are Braces and Invisalign.

Braces of Metal vs. Invisalign

Price, which is much lower than the Invisalign procedure, is the key benefit of metal braces. Nonetheless, this is actually the only gain – and the cost savings are relatively minimal when all the benefits of Invisalign are taken into account.

Most notably, there is more hygiene in Invisalign. The most significant downside of metal braces is that they practically make good dental hygiene difficult. The use of dental floss is not feasible due to the often complicated arrangement of wires and metal bands, and tiny invariable food particles get stuck in the metalwork. Of course, they’re in for the rest of the procedure once the metal braces are in. Not only does this make it difficult to clean teeth, it makes it impossible for the dentist to spot tooth decay if and when it sets in – so x-rays can not be used in patients with braces.

On the other side, Invisalign retainers are quickly removed for feeding and cleaning (known as ‘trays’) (though of course they should be worn at all other times). Through sticking whitening gel in them, some individuals actually have their Invisalign trays to do double duty – getting a brighter, whiter smile and having their teeth realigned.