About Business Networking

Have you ever talked to anyone in an organisation who says, “Oh yes – I tried networking once and it didn’t work for me.”

I’ve heard this or a similar expression many, many times during my years in business and have attended hundreds of networking events. I have also been advised that business networking does not work for everybody and I have been thinking on this issue for a while to see if I agree and, yes, I do not.You may want to check out Local Business Spotlight for more.

Now if you phrase it differently and say, “not everyone who does business networking makes it work” that’s another thing. Also I can agree with that not all types of business networking events work in the same way for everyone”

Whatever your company or career, networking can and will have a positive effect on you and your company at some level, particularly when you do it well.

I have been an active member of a company referral community during my last 7 years of business and I have seen many members come and go. I also see individuals who obtain very opposing outcomes through their networking efforts in the same organisation or career. Oh, why is that?

I’ve seen business owners complain that networking is nonsense and a waste of time and then someone else has joined them to replace them and they get so much business that they gladly announce that the community has become their very best source of business and they wish they had joined years earlier.

The differentiation is not their company or necessarily their technical competence. It is their mindset, however. Good networkers are those who dedicate themselves to and support the group’s strengths and values. They concentrate on first assisting others and trust that in return they will be assisted. They build trust and appreciation and become well-known and certainly well-liked by their colleagues and associates because they frequently attend meetings and support the community and its members, including at social events.

You significantly enhance your personal effectiveness when you begin with a great positive attitude and add to the tried, tested and validated skills and techniques of relationship building, etiquette and personal communication, among others.